Hello, I’m Vaishnavi Iyengar. I’m a pediatrician by profession. 2 years back I became a mother, and my life changed completely after that. I know that’s what EVERYONE says but it’s true 😀

I took a break from my career to be with my son. I wanted to experience motherhood without the hassle of working full time. I wanted a break from a my hectic life and I’m happy to say I haven’t regretted it at all. I’m now back to full time work but learning what I did during those two years is now a part of my identity. I am a cloth diapering and babywearing kinda mamma 🙂

Babywearing has helped me through quite a few difficult times and it continues to be an important aspect my life. I finished my level 1 certification with the intention of helping more caregivers babywear and its been a great experience so far.

I run the Pune Sling Library  to help new caregivers with babywearing 🙂