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Wrap : Wrapsody hybrid Stella review
Wrappee 13 kg toddler
This wrap was sent for review purpose.A hybrid is a stretchy wrap with top and bottom rails hemmed which makes it suitable for back carries as well. It’s an all cotton one size wrap in blue to black gradation.

Wrapsody.jpgThe wrap came with instructions on how to use and a CD with different carries, which is a very useful guide for those new to wrapping. I loved the packaging of the wrap and it shows that a lot of thought went into packaging. The wrap is thin in hand and wraps easily. The two rails are easy to differentiate and that makes it a good wrap for learning. Hybrid Stella has lot of stretch and can be used like a stretchy wrap right from newborn days.

I tried the wrap in fwcc, pwcc, double hammock back carry, front cross carry, double hammock with cccb. The wrap held well in back carry for over 30 min.

Its a beautiful wrap with its starry pattern against black background and a blue gradient to the other rail.

IMG_5161.jpgI fell in love with this print when I first saw it. The fabric feels luxuriously soft to touch. Even when new, it feels very soft and like your favorite old t-shirt. It’s light and I wouldn’t think twice before wrapping a new born in it. Being a hybrid it holds true to its name, back carries are possible, are comfortable and safe. My son did try getting out but the wrap didn’t allow that. Tightening is easy, passes glide in place. It’s comfortable on shoulders, there was very minimal digging even with my 13kg son.
IMG_5145.jpgIt has a lot of stretch hence it requires careful tightening for getting a good wrap job. This won’t be a problem with smaller babies but with toddlers one will have to spend some time getting the wrap snug and well tightened. The wrap has a great length and should be ok for a base size 8 too.The pricing is very affordable and they usually have sales on going!IMG_5242.jpg


The wrap sags with heavy toddlers especially in single layer carry. I required at least three layers on my son for it to have minimal sagging. For a smaller baby this wouldn’t be a problem but for heavy toddlers one can only do multi layer carry, though the length is more than adequate for same. The multi layer carry can get warm in outdoor sun.
All in all a very beginner friendly carrier, easy to learn wrapping with, can be used as a stand alone carrier through your babywearing years and budget friendly.

IMG_20170816_200827.jpgI loved using this carrier. For those interested,  this wrap will now be available with Pune sling library for trial and rental. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier for sending this carrier.


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