What is a Sling library

I run the Pune Sling library and many a times people ask me what a sling library is?
Well let’s talk about Sling libraries!
As the awareness about babywearing is growing in India there are a number of Sling libraries that are coming up all over the country.

20132691_1625986760806590_297416587_oA Sling library is usually run by a single person (like yours truly) or a group of people who are babywearing educators or experienced babywearers. They may be independent multi brand libraries or single brand libraries that have carriers from a single company and usually run by the companies representative.

In India there are presently 17 libraries in Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore.

So what do you get in a Sling library?

Since there are multiple types of carriers that are available in the market from multiple different brands, it’s easy to get confused about what suits your needs the best. A Sling library and specifically the babywearing educator can help you choose one carrier based on your requirements and help you wear the carrier correctly and comfortably.Any such library usually hosts an upwards of 30 different carriers from various brands and you get to try each and every carrier before you choose one.

Great! But are these consults charged?

19146120_507368539654758_4026555585231318643_nYes and the charges are nominal but if you can’t pay you only need to ask ☺️. All of them also do a lot of free monthly meets where caregivers can come with their babies and try different carriers for free. Though nothing beats the personalized service of a consult. Consults are done at the clients’ convenience and most offer home visits too, if you find it too difficult to travel to the library.


Can I borrow a carrier from the library?
Yes, you can. Rent is usually given on weekly basis and most collect a completely refundable deposit when you rent the carrier.

How do I contact the library and know if one exists in my city?
The libraries presently in India are listed below, you can contact their business pages to connect.
Delhi :
1)Little Hugs Sling Library – Babywearing meet ups, consults & Pan India rental

2)Jaipur Babywearing Library

Mumbai :                                       3)Mumbai Sling Library – Babywearing meet ups, consults & rental.

Pune :
4)Pune Sling Library – Babywearing Consultant, meet ups & Pan India rental

Bangalore :
5)Babywearing Mamish – Babywearing Consultant, free meets and rental.

6)Bangalore Birth Network lending library – Rentals in Bangalore only.

7) Snugbub – Babywearing Consultant, Free meets & Pan India rental

8) Owl Mama Consulting – Babywearing consultant, free meets.

9)Ridhima Goel – Babywearing Consultant & Lending library (Soul)

Mangalore :                           10)Cuddlicious  – Babywearing meet ups, consultation & rentals

Chennai :
11)Monika Conji – Babywearing Consultant & Library rental – Also makes home visits on prior appointment basis

12)Cozybee – Babywearing Consultant, free meets and Library Rental

13) Babywearing Library of Natural Parenting Community

Hyderabad :
14)Hyderabad Parent’s Library – babywearing meet ups & local rentals

Coimbatore :
15)Coimbatore Parenting Network – Babywearing meets, consultation & local rental


Few others
16)Kol Kol Rental libraryPan India rentals

17)Babywearing StuffPan India rental


Oh No!! there are no libraries near me 😢

Many educators offer video consults and other online help, please contact their business pages. Many also offer carriers on rental all over India. They have been marked in the list above.   🙂

As an example of what a sling library has to offer, here is a link to my page where you’ll find this list of carriers and other services the library offers. You can also join the Pune sling library Facebook group for news about free meets and giveaways 🙂


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  1. WOW this is such a great idea! I have never heard of a Sling Library before but it can have so much benefit for a new parent just exploring baby wearing! Keep up the good work

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