Why I am a wrapper!

I love wrapping ! All I use presently is a wrap. But wrapping is so time consuming and so hard to learn you say? Well I was no different!

I started wearing my son since he was 3 months old. I started with a CnC Meh Dai. While it was comfortable, I could never bring myself to use it outside, because I didn’t want to dirty the long straps.19893803_1621910684547531_2146436195_o.jpg

So I bought my first ssc a Boba tweet. It was awesome but summers were very hot and Parth used to sweat in it so we graduated to a standard Soul ssc. It was a great carrier too. We used it extensively for the first year and loved it. I learnt back carrying first in it. It was our constant companion in all our vacations.


And then all of a sudden I was falling for a wrap!

Wrapping always intrigued me .When my friend got her first wrap, I couldn’t really understand why someone would spend so much time and effort to learn wrapping. All it did was carry a baby! I could easily do that with a ssc too. Boy was I wrong!!
I bought my first wrap because it was beautiful and at a throw away price. It was a handwoven from Anmol in a size 3.19893627_1621970647874868_1377941367_o.jpg

Oh yeah, I broke conventions to buy that because apparently you should start with a base size (more on base sizes here ). My goals were clear; I wanted a wrap to hip carry which was not possible with the std Soul ssc that I had (though now you have ssc with hip carry options possible too like Soul anoona and Cookiie). Once I started though, there was no stopping!

Wraps are extremely versatile and once you use them nothing else comes close to the comfort. I fell hard and fast. I joined a ton of facebook groups to help learn wrapping, of course my other babywearing friends were already good at wrapping and helped me a lot too.
I’ve since then amassed a number of wraps of different sizes (more information about sizes here) and from different companies. Each of my wraps have been well loved and I’ve plenty of memories with them.


Wrapping was not just a way of carrying my child. It was also a catharsis. To learn and perfect a new carry gave me  satisfaction and a sense of achievement. I was in a bad place emotionally at the time and wrapping was my one respite. It was the one thing that fed my confidence when everything else was leeching it away. 19897489_1621953571209909_1563171622_oWrapping helped me heal. It helped pacify my son when he was upset. It has helped us calm down when we were both agitated. Through all the sleepless nights of regressions,teething and through all those tears it has helped me sail through. I’ll always be thankful to babywearing and wrapping in particular.19876165_1621950691210197_634217107_o
So you want to wrap but are unsure? Jump right in and I’ll help along the way 🙂

If you are new to babywearing start here !


2 thoughts on “Why I am a wrapper!

  1. I love wrapping but people always make me doubt myself! They’re always like, “is it really worth the trouble?” I don’t know how to explain why it is worth it.


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