What is babywearing?

With a new baby there are a million things that you will need but possibly the most useful thing to buy is a baby carrier. Many new caregivers are totally unaware about the concept of babywearing. Babywearing is carrying your baby in a carrier. It is similar to carrying in arms except you use a carrier and your hands are free to do other chores. You can start babywearing from day 1.19807318_1615621445176455_1772811732_o

Why would you want to babywear and invest in a special carrier when you can simply carry them in arms you say? Well babies need to be carried a LOT. It’s the biological need of a baby to remain as close to a primary caregiver as possible in the initial few months. It helps establish milk flow, bonding, carried babies cry less and it helps with colic too!19820884_1615625658509367_295577392_o
Well, fine, so you only need the carrier for the initial few months right? WRONG! Many “babies” continue to want to be in close contact till later years. Teething, new milestones and just the general growing up that your toddler has to undergo can be quite overwhelming for them. My son definitely calms down when wrapped and tantrums can be prevented (NOT ALL, but it definitely helps). Then there are outings that require long walks which is simply not possible without a carrier. We have gone to many vacations and thankfully didn’t need a stroller at any of those. Imagine lugging a heavy stroller in addition to all your bags when your toddler insists on walking! A carrier is so much smaller and compact to carry.
Won’t the child become over attached and not want to walk at all? That is simply ridiculous, no child who by nature are so inquisitive ever wants to be carried all the time. They do walk, I promise you, and make you wait through their tedious climbing up and down till you want to just scoop them up in a carrier to reach the doctor’s appointment on time!
There is also no such thing as “over attached” , children who are held close when they demand security and have their needs met do far better with separation later on and become independent adults!
Alright let’s buy a carrier but which?
There are Ring Slings, Meh Dai, wraps, soft structured carrier, onbuhimo, pouch sling and some others. Follow this blogpost for more information on what carrier to buy first!

As always questions , suggestions are welcome 🙂


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