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Wrap Review: LittleWings black lily 100% cotton size 6

Wrap size 6 all cotton black lily by LittleWings
Wrappee 24 months old, 13 kg, 90 cm toddler
I received this wrap fully broken in and soft as part of traveler program. It’s a beautiful monochrome wrap with diamond weave. The white diamonds just shine through the black. At 250gsm it feels medium thick in hand and feels perfect for Indian weather.

18767620_491348457923433_2736042146519488171_n It is highly textured and that makes this a grippy wrap, you need to place the second pass instead of just pulling over the first but that also means once in place, it doesn’t budge. Half knots hold well. 18813948_491348384590107_3729380435721789572_nSlip knot slides but you need to keep it loose, do strand by strand tightening and then pull the knot tight after. It has medium stretch and is very cushy for 250 GSM. Ruck is comfortable on shoulder but there was some sag with my toddler, hence I preferred multi layer carry with him. I tried FWCC, FWCC with Poppins finish, FRTS, Ruck carry, double hammock carry.

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LittleWings is run by two babywearing moms, they make wraps and ring slings in a set up at Mumbai with local weavers on charitable educational handlooms.
All in all its a budget friendly wrap.
Squish worthy being very very soft
With a heavy toddler multi layer carry its preferred
Grip 3.5/5
Cush 3.75/5
Support 3/5
Although this wrap came broken in, but I’ve tried their RS new and it did NOT take any time to break in at all.
I will definitely recommend this for new wearers too.
The only issue I had with this wrap was the warning label being stitched completely to one of the rails of the wrap. It makes tightening difficult because the label doesn’t stretch like the wrap. It also comes in the way of knotting especially for fancy finishes. I’m also worried that repeated stretching might tear the label of and may create holes in the wrap where the label is stitched.


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