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Wrap Review : Anmol Dilwale Handwoven Heart weave size 6

18700058_487644861627126_3871493506520333607_nANMOL BABY Carriers Dilwale hand-woven review 100% cotton 288gsm
Wrappee 24 months old 13+ kg toddler
This is the first heart weave hand-woven wrap in India and I was very excited to try this one. Presently it’s available in a white, green and blue striped wrap with yellow hearts. Oh and the selvage is the best part! 18740440_487645021627110_6659769661451588614_n
When I first held it in my hands it felt stiff, heavy, thick and grippy and I thought this was gonna make me sweat! But once I wore my son in it didn’t feel much hot at all. In hand it feels much thicker than same GSM machine woven wrap which also means it’s airier. But I wouldn’t prefer this in summer in India in my base size. In winter though it would be lovely! Being a heart weave its slightly pull prone.
Coming to breaking in. The wrap did require some effort breaking in. It took me a week and a half of everyday wearing to break it in which is surprising because I thought it would take much longer.
18697997_487644961627116_5557628243557170319_nWrap quality wise this one is a solid wrap, it does have a little diagonal stretch but just enough for making a good chest pass. With that GSM it’s not really ace bandagey but you can definitely get a good and snug chest pass without getting a workout 😉.
What I would really like to talk about is the support !! I carried my son in front for a good 6-7 hrs during vacation. And it was very comfortable. It’s not like clouds on your shoulder but definitely very comfortable with no dig even with sloppy jobs. I didn’t feel my son’s weight at all. There is absolutely zero sag even with single layer carries.
To start with the wrap was very grippy. Making a second pass is not the easiest initially and I just couldn’t do a double knot at back but with time this became easier. It also became less grippy with breaking in and tightening was much better. But you really don’t have to worry about sloppy jobs. This is one is a solid wrap and your passes stay in place even when there is slack. Half knots hold and knot less finishes are awesome. Surprisingly slip knots do slide once the wrap is broken in!
18670852_487644988293780_5645419979313606357_nPriced at 7000 rs for a size 6 it’s very affordable for a hand-woven heart weave wrap!
All in all this is one awesomely supportive wrap. Very very toddlerworthy. If you have a heavy toddler (or an adult :p) that needs wearing you can’t go wrong with this one!
I wouldn’t really recommend this for squishes because of the weight although it does become quite soft with use. New wrappers might find wrapping with it a little difficult to start with but once broken in it becomes much much easier. I would really love this in a shorter version and it would be an amazing Ruck wrap. Oh and while I’m wishing I also wish for more colorways especially a gradient 😍


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